SLR - click for full size Elliot (Liam Cunningham) surveys what's ahead of him before taking a photo - click for full size Shirin (Hussina Raja) - click for full size Writer-director Stephen Fingleton on set - click for full size
Click for full size stills. Photo credit: Aidan Mongaghan.
SLR is a short thriller about a man obsessed with a website where users upload ‘voyeur pornography’. When he makes a shocking discovery, it forces him onto the trail of an anonymous photographer known only by his online username ANORAK.

SLR was produced through the BFI/ Lighthouse short film scheme. SLR stars Liam Cunningham, Amy Wren, Richard Dormer, Ryan McParland and Jasmine Breinburg.

We have also made a companion short film about one of the characters in the SLR called SELFIE, which will be released online simultaneously.


Galway Film Fleadh 2013
19th International Short Film Drama Festival in Drama
26th Foyle Film Festival - Winner: Best Irish Short (Academy Award Recognised)
SLR launch event "Who's Watching Your Shadow" in Brighton 30th January
Glasgow Short Film Festival - Friday 14th- Saturday 15th February 2014


Stephen Fingleton was born in Derry, Northern Ireland. He is directing his first feature film THE SURVIVALIST in 2014. It was voted onto Hollywood's 'Black List' and topped the UK 'Brit List' in 2013 for the year's best unproduced screenplays. He is also working on a feature for the Ridley Scott Presents slate, and is writing a thriller for Working Title. He was chosen by Screen International as a "Star of Tomorrow 2013". His website is and his Twitter handle is @sfingali